Since the first initiation in the in 2003, the 11th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, 10 years has been passed to plan and implement the APEC Digital Opportunity Center (ADOC) Project. In order to examine the past and look forward to the future of ADOCs, a 10-Year Exhibition will be held in conjunction with the ADOC Workshop 2013 in the Howard Hotel August 15-16, 2013.

In the exhibition, it includes 3 subjects: the Innovation and Growth of ADOC, the Development of the ADOC Community and the Prospect for a more Inclusive, Balanced, and Sustainable APEC Community. In “the Innovation and Growth of ADOC,” it is going to be in the form of historical walls to render how the ADOC Project was started and record the important events happened by year. In “the Development of the ADOC Community,” showcases from 10 partner member economies will be presented. As to “the Prospect for a more Inclusive, Balanced and Sustainable APEC Community,” it is going to be It will also demonstrate ICT tools, discuss trends in education, and provide input from the private sectors. A detailed plan will be ready shortly.