ADOC project was proposed in 2003 and officially launched in 2004. This year, it has reached its 10th year. To celebrate the 10th anniversary, ADOC Secretariat organized 2014 ADOC International Conference on Sept 10, 11 in Manila, the Philippines. And the 10-Year Exhibition was held To show the outstanding achievement of the project.

In the exhibition, the Chronicle Wall showed the development of ADOC project from 2003 till 2014 and marked all the big events of ADOC. Displayed on the 101 Intro Wall were 101 APEC Digital Opportunity Centers, including 7 mobile centers. Via the E-Books, you can also browse the ADOC history and get a view of how our overseas volunteer teams offered help and had fun with the students in ADOC centers. There were still two TVs displaying ADOC short movies I and II.