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2016 TDOC Newsletter Issue 1.  
ADOC CLUB Indonesia
ADOC CLUB Indonesia To provide a platform for all the ADOC center partners to exchange their experiences and ideas of the ADOC project, ADOC Secretariat hosted one ADOC Club event in the Medan, Indonesia. In this event, all the partners from Sumatra...
2014 ADOC Project Monograph
2014 marks the ADOC Project’s 10th year. To sum up the project’s implementation and achievements, ADOC Secretariat compiled the fruitful results of the ADOC Project into a monograph. 32 touching stories were included into record, describing momen...
Assisting Young People to Realize Their Entrepreneurial Dreams
In collaboration with the Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), the ADOC project is offering free E-commerce courses, which has attracted many young people from Hanoi to sign up. The ADOC Award, an online entrepreneurship contest, has ...
Narrowing the Digital Divide Deep in the Rainforest
Papua New Guinea, situated south of the equator, has abundant rainfall and is mostly covered with rainforests, which have only been moderately developed in some regions. The ADOC centers here have offered access to online information, and promoted ...