ADOC Mission

Missions of 2012

From August 2004 to 2011, The APEC Digital Opportunity Center (ADOC) began as a single initiative but has received much support and help throughout the years to attain great achievements. In order to provide a new vision for ADOC, 2012 will be a transitional phase to examine the past and to improve for the future. We will continue working with APEC Member Economics toward a more inclusive and knowledge-based APEC community:


To reinforce the training capacity by developing ADOC standard training materials.

To establishing new centers that focus on using ICT to modernize traditional activities performed by certain communities (e.g. in agriculture, OVOP models), and maintaining the existing ones.

To increase Digital Opportunities by creating value-added ICT services and developing the ICT abilities of the disadvantaged groups.

To establishe e-Learning platform and provide online training materials for ADOC Centers to share their material with one another.

To Deepen the cooperation with NGOs and other APEC Member Economics.





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