[Announcement] Final Result of Website/Blog Competition 2011

The result of ADOC 2011 Website/Blog Competition is out! Congratulations to the following five winners:

-          Mexico Centro ADOC ITSON Obregon  http://alfabetizaciontecnologica.com/

-          Indonesia UNSYIAH-ADOC e-Learning Center http://www.adoc.unsyiah.ac.id/

-          Vietnam Adoc 2.0 Hue centrer Vietnam  http://www.civn.org.vn/

-          Indonesia Orangutan Information Center  http://adoc.orangutancentre.org/

-          The Philippines SM-ZOTO http://www.smzoto.org.ph/ 

 ALL participants were evaluated by  panels of ADOC secretariat. Going through two stages of voting, the final result came out based on the following criteria: 

- Relevance to ADOC Project and the competition’s topics

- Ability to convey the ADOC Mission to public

- Clarity and Quality of the website content

- Originality and Creativity

Thank you for participating in the competition. The prizes will be sent from Chinese Taipei and awarded by ADOC Overseas/Country Coordinators at each Partner Member Economy (Country). The estimated date for the Prize Awarding will be the end of November 2011. 

ADOC Secretariat



 Photos of  the second stage evaluation  


Thank You for Participating! We Are Now Evaluating Participative Works.

Thank you for participating the 2011 Webstie/Blog Competition!The registration period came to an end at November 7th.

Happily we have 30 participants so far. Check the list from http://www.apecdoc.org/site/bc2011/participant-list/.

Next we proceed to evaluate all participative works. During this period a panel from ADOC Secretariat will select 5 best ADOC Center Website/Blog. Each top 5 Website/Blog will be awarded USD 1,000 prize. This period will finish on November 15th, 2011. Criteria for evaluation:

- Relevance to ADOC Project and the competition’s topic
- Ability to convey the ADOC Mission to public
- Clarity and Quality of the website content
- Originality and Creativity
Final result will be announced on November 16th. Please keep paying attention to our webiste (http://www.apecdoc.org/site/bc2011/).



ADOC Secretariat

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2011 Website/Blog Competition Registration Extension

In order to allow more centers to participate in the ADOC 2011 Website/Blog Competition, ADOC Secretariat will extend the registration deadline. Centers could join the competition and upload their website URL and Logo until November 7th, 2011 at 11:59pm (GMT +08:00 –Taipei).
Within this period, centers may revise their own website design, and, the most important thing is, don’t forget to put ADOC 2.0 LOGO on centers’ own portal and hyperlink to ADOC 2.0 website(http://www.apecdoc.org/site/).



ADOC Secretariat

2011 ADOC 2.0 Website/Blog Competition Has Already Began!

2011 Website/Blog Competition has started! From now on, You may join this contest through on-line registration (http://www.apecdoc.org/site/bc2011/join/) after carefully reading all the rules and requirements. Don’t miss that the registration period will come to an end at 23th of October, 2011.

Completing the registration, you may start to set up or design your website/blog for this competition. The most important thing is to put ADOC Portal hyperlink ,which you can download from Website/Blog Competition, at the center’s website or blog. Please devote to maintaining your blogs with originality and creativity.

Any question please contact us thank you.



ADOC Secretariat

2011 ADOC 2.0 Website/Blog Competition – You May Win USD 1,000 Prize!

ADOC Secretariat sincerely invite all ADOC Centers to participate in the Website/Blog competition. Each Center create or maintain one Website/Blog and hyperlink to the official ADOC portal (www.apecdoc.org), so that you may be the winner being awarded USD 1,000 prize.

The topic of this ADOC Center Website/Blog competition is to show how the ADOC Project affects their communities/lives/organization or how ICT and the ADOC Centers help people improve the quality of their lives. All ADOC Centers will be asked to register for activity. The competition promotion will start at September 15, and all centers can begin to register at October 1.

Complete rules of 2011 ADOC website/blog competition will be announced later. Please keep paying attention to ADOC 2.0 website (www.apecdoc.org/site/).



ADOC Secretariat