ADOC Secretariat held its ADOC 2.0 Workshop 2011

Maintaining a long standing tradition, ADOC Secretariat held its ADOC 2.0 Workshop 2011 this past July 26 and 27 of July at the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance, in Chinese Taipei. The ADOC 2.0 Workshop, one of ADOC’s flagship events, is held every year as part of the project’s ICT promotion and advocacy goals, and to help raise awareness of the importance of bridging the digital divide among disadvantaged groups within APEC Partner Member Economies.


This year’s ADOC 2.0 Workshop was joined by over 250 attendees and featured the participation of 6 international keynote speakers, 13 guest speakers,  and many distinguished guests such as Ambassador Muhamad Noor Yacob, Executive Director of APEC Secretariat, Mr. Antonio Rodriguez, APEC Senior Official representative of the Philippines, Mr. Roberto Zapata, APEC Senior Official representative of Mexico, Hon. Ivan John E. Uy, Chairman of the Commission on Information and Communications Technology of the Philippines, Dr. Yen-Shiang Shih, Minister of Chinese Taipei’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Mr. Stan Shih, Founder of Acer Inc. and Chairman of the ADOC 2.0 Project Non-Government Steering Committee.


ADOC 2.0 Workshop 2011 successfully brought together a combination of speakers who explored the dimensions of the digital divide and the current initiatives that are being implemented throughout different APEC Member Economies with the goal of narrowing this divide. Furthermore, the discussion and experiences shared by APEC Member Economies provided great insight showcasing how some economies have been highly successful in incorporating ICT for the enhancement of the quality of life of their people while simultaneously stimulating economic prosperity and inclusive growth.


ADOC Secretariat would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants, keynote speakers, guest speakers, and special guests for your participation at the ADOC 2.0 Workshop 2011, and looks forward to your attendance at upcoming events.




ADOC Secretariat


2011 ADOC 2.0 Workshop

2011 ADOC 2.0 Workshop
July 26th to 27th , 2011

We cordially invite you to attend the ADOC 2.0 Workshop 2011.

The second phase of APEC Digital Opportunity Center (ADOC 2.0) project, launched in 2009, aims to enhance capacity building of developing APEC economies in information and communication technologies (ICT) by transforming the digital divide into digital opportunities.

ADOC 2.0 Workshop 2011 will be held in Taipei from July 26th to 27 th, 2011. The event will bring together international speakers and representatives from many APEC Member Economies, including Chile, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Peru, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, United States, and Vietnam, among others. The Workshop’s primary goal is to promote the development and exchange of experiences, policies or Stories that aim to bridge the digital divide among APEC member economies, and issue how we create the digital opportunities from digital divide. ADOC believes that by unleashing digital opportunities it is possible to build an equitable and inclusive APEC digitalized society.

The ADOC 2.0 Workshop 2011 will be held at the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (2-3F, No.62, Sec. 3, Roosevelt Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei). For registration or further information, please visit the ADOC 2.0 official website at or contactMiss Jessica Li at 02-6631-8517Mr. Jose Rivera at 02-6631-8513.

We look forward to your participation at the ADOC 2.0 Workshop 2011,


ADOC Secretariat in Chinese Taipei