2011 ADOC 2.0 Website/Blog Competition – You May Win USD 1,000 Prize!

ADOC Secretariat sincerely invite all ADOC Centers to participate in the Website/Blog competition. Each Center create or maintain one Website/Blog and hyperlink to the official ADOC portal (www.apecdoc.org), so that you may be the winner being awarded USD 1,000 prize.

The topic of this ADOC Center Website/Blog competition is to show how the ADOC Project affects their communities/lives/organization or how ICT and the ADOC Centers help people improve the quality of their lives. All ADOC Centers will be asked to register for activity. The competition promotion will start at September 15, and all centers can begin to register at October 1.

Complete rules of 2011 ADOC website/blog competition will be announced later. Please keep paying attention to ADOC 2.0 website (www.apecdoc.org/site/).

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New Center at Field Indonesia Foundation, Padang

ADOC 2.0 Establishes an APEC Digital Opportunity Digital Center at Field Indonesia Foundation

The second stage of APEC Digital Opportunity Centers (ADOC 2.0) established a Mobile APEC Digital Opportunity Center at Field Indonesia Foundation, Padang.

The APEC Digital Opportunity Center was handed over as a donation by ADOC Secretariat, represented by Mr. Jose Cheng, Project Manager of ADOC Secretariat, to Field Indonesia Foundation, represented by Executive Director Mr. Nugroho Wienarto. It was witnessed by Mr.Y.C Tsai, Director of Economic Division, Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Indonesia, during the opening ceremony.

In his remarks, Mr. Cheng briefed the background of the ADOC 2.0 project. It is Chinese Taipei’s initiative proposed at APEC leaders’ meetings.  The goal is to bridge the socio-economic disparities arising from digital divide to benefit from the ICT revolution.

A total of 81 APEC Digital Opportunity Centers have been established by Chinese Taipei in 10 APEC economies till the July of 2011.

Executive Director of Field Indonesia Foundation, Mr. Nugroho Wienarto thanked ADOC Secretariat for establishing a total of 13 ADOC Digital Centers in Indonesia.  He emphasized the importance of ICT technology, and praised that the purposes and locations for setting up this new center meet the needs of Indonesian people. In addition to offering teacher’s training, ADOC Secretariat also assisted Indonesia to train seeding teachers for future development.  “This sets a good example for ICT training program and Field Indonesia Foundation wishes to continue to cooperate closely with ADOC Secretariat in the future.

Mr.Y.C Tsai, Director of TETO thanked the cooperation of Field Indonesia and all other agencies that helped make the establishment of the new center a reality.  He said that since the launching of ADOC project in Indonesia, more than 10,000 persons had been trained in the centers, including owners of SMEs, governmental officials, students, women and children.  This new Mobile APEC Digital Opportunity Center in Padang offers opportunities for disadvantaged group to gain the knowledge and skills of ICT.

The center is equipped with the state-of-the-art training facilities, including 21 notebooks, modem for internet connection, projector, fax machine, scanner, digital camera and printer.



ADOC Secretariat

Cooperation and Donation Ceremony in Malaysia at August 19th, 2011

APEC Digital Opportunity Center

Cooperation and Donation Ceremony

August 19th, 2011

Time: 09:00AM


The ADOC Secretariat and the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development in Malaysia, on August 19th, 2011 host the opening ceremony of the APEC Digital Opportunity Center. Dato’ Ibrahim Bin Muhamad, Secretary General of Ministry of Rural and Regional Development, Mr. Min-Li Lin, Deputy Representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia, and the Mr. Stanley Wang, Secretary General of the ADOC Secretariat presented the event.

The ADOC Secretariat and the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development have entered into an supplement agreement on August 19th, set up three more ADOC Centers in Miri, Sabah and Kelantan, with the purpose of helping all of those people who are neglected in the use of ICT, thus bridging the digital divide, making sure that these people are free of restrictions based on gender, mental or physical condition, educational or social status. The ADOC Project has the vision of providing a technological learning environment for the citizens of Malaysia in which they can attend training courses at the new center and making ADOC a real technological tool for the people of this beautiful country.



ADOC Secretariat

ADOC Secretariat in cooperation with DOST in Philippines on August 9th and 12th, 2011

APEC Digital Opportunity Center (ADOC) Secretariat is proud to open two new ADOC Centers in cooperation with Department of Science and Technology (DOST) on August 9th and 12th, 2011. These ADOC Centers aim to provide training on information and communication technology (ICT) for women and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that have encountered difficulty in gaining access to computers and are eager to gain knowledge of computer and e-Commerce. ADOC center seeks to empower them to take full advantage of the digital opportunities afforded by ICT and the Internet.

The Philippines joined the ADOC project in 2005. Thus far, 13 Centers had been set up and around 55,000 local people have received training at the ADOC centers. These centers are the fruits of cooperative effort between Philippines public and private sectors and the ADOC Secretariat Office in Chinese Taipei. These new ADOC centers in Leyte and Osamis will aim to train around 500 women and SMEs during its first year of operation.



ADOC Secretariat