Announcement: ADOC Center Performance Evaluation

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To encourage the ADOC Partners (ADOC Centers) to participate in ADOC Secretariat activities, and to continue bridging digital divides, this year the ADOC Secretariat is organizing the ADOC Center Performance Evaluation 2012.  One representative from each of the ten best ADOC Centers, as evaluated and selected by the Secretariat, will be invited to Taipei to join the 2012 ADOC Workshop in July. The ADOC Secretariat will cover all transportation and accommodation fees for this trip. The ADOC Secretariat wishes to promote closer cooperation among ADOC partners through this event.

Please note that the data on the “ACIS system” (ADOC Course Information System) accounts for 15% of this Evaluation.

Evaluation Period: April 18th– May 15th, 2012

Result Announcement: The ADOC Secretariat will announce the result on the ADOC Website in June, 2012.

Award: Each of the ten best ADOC Centers (each PME can only have 2 out of the 10 best) may assign one representative to join ADOC Workshop 2012 in Taipei. The ADOC Secretariat will provide economy-class round trip air tickets,  meals, visa-related expense reimbursement, transportation, health insurance and accommodation for this trip to Taipei.

Evaluation Process: The ADOC Secretariat will add all scores from each Center on “Training Performance” and “Activities Participation” from 2009 to date, plus “Cooperation in 2012”, in order to select the 10 best performing Centers.

Criteria and Percentage:

Criteria Points
Training Performance 2011 Number of Students 20 2,000 students or above earns 20 points, 1,000~2,000 students earns 16 points, 500~999 students earns 12 points, 200~499 students earns 8 points, 1~199 students earns 4 points.
2012 ACIS system report 5 From Jan. to Mar. of 2012, if the Centers reported their training status on the ACIS system with complete information (including number of students, training material, pictures and questionnaire) on ACIS each month, they can earn 5 points. For partial information updated on ACIS, centers can earn 3 points. If a Center only updates student numbers on ACIS, the center will earn 1 point.
Activities Participation(2009-2011) Trainers’ Training 5 Centers will be evaluated according to their performance in organizing and participating in ADOC activities from 2009 to 2011. Excellent performance or participation can earn 5 points maximum, in each category.
ADOC Club 5
ICT Roadshow 5
Photo Contest 5
Blog/Website Contest 5
ADOC Workshop 5
Internetional Volunteer 5
Opening Ceremony 5
Cooperation in 2012 2012 Activities 15 For participating in 2012 events such as ADOC Standard Training Material/ADOC Trainers Training/ADOC ICT Road Show/ADOC Club/Opening Ceremony/Renew Equipment, each Center earns points depending on the level of its participation and cooperation. The highest number of points that a Center in any single PME can receive is 15 points, and the next-best performer receives 10~14 points.
2012 Development Plans 20 The ADOC Secretariat will evaluate each Center development plans on the topics of “ICT & Disadvantaged Groups”, “ICT Enabled Services & Digital Opportunity” and “Expansion of Outreach Through Mobile Services” to give points. These topics are also the three main topics of the 2012 ADOC Workshop.
SUM 100 Each of the 10 best Centers (each PME can only have 2 out of the 10 best) may assign one representative to join ADOC Workshop 2012 in Taipei.