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ADOC Success Stories: Putting ICT to Good Use at My Small Shop

My name is Nookan Chansri, and for several years, I have owned a small shop in Khon-Kaen, Thailand. Sadly, I had no chance to receive much education, especially in the field of ICT. During most of my life, my only concern had been to find ways to earn a living to provide for my family.


Two years ago, a neighbor told me about an APEC Digital Opportunity Center computer training course at the College of Asian Scholars and recommended that I join it. I used to think that I was too old to learn about technology, but eventually I decided to join the course, since it was free and offered on the weekends.


At the beginning, it was hard learning how to interact with PCs, but the teachers helped us to feel comfortable using them. We learnt the basic operations of PCs, how to use the internet, and by the end of the 1st phase, my family was so proud of me! At this point, I realized that I needed to learn how to use computers to benefit my shop. My teacher suggested that I learn MS-Office, and very soon I was learning to use Excel. Excel is an excellent accounting tool that enables me to manage my shop’s inventory, for instance.


Today, thanks to my teachers and the APEC Digital Opportunity Center, I feel proud of myself. I have been able to use the information and skills they taught me and put them to good use in my small shop. Whenever I have time, I will even review my old lessons at home on my niece’s computer!

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