Results of ADOC Creative Writing Contest

1st Place

PME: Indonesia

Title: ADOC Change Me from Zero to Hero

Author: Joni Pranata Pinem


2nd Place

PME: Thailand

Title: The benefits I have obtained from joining ADOC

Author: Ms. Prakrong Sisangon

3rd Place

PME: Chile


Author: Itolina Lavin Cárdenas



 Other Selected Articles


PME: Chile

Title: Digital Mobile Station

Author: Angela del Carmen


PME: Chile

Title: What I think about ADOC project

Author: Selma Valdivia


PME: México

Title: Thank you!

Author: Joaquín Antonio Lizárraga Mendivil


PME: Mexico

Title: Cómo el proyecto ADOC mejoró mi vida / How ADOC Project improved my life.

Author: Thelma


PME: Mexico

Title:  ADOC and Me

Author:  María Gloria Murrieta Blancas


PME: Peru

Title:  How do ADOC Centers and ICT impact the social development in the community of Huayanay?
Author: Cynthia


PME: Peru

Title:  Helping a family business grow by helping them expand into the international market through ADOC trainings

Author: Cynthia


PME: Peru

Title:  Walking Together Through Digital Development

Author:  Inés Bazán


PME: Russia

Title: A lifelong gift

Author: Tamara Vinogradova




PME: Russia

Title: How ADOC project improved my life

Author: Frolova Olga Vladimirovna


PME: Russia

Title: My first encounter with computer

Author: Marakovoy Cavalry Konstantinovny


PME: Vietnam

Title: Digital technology application revive the traditional handicraft in Vietnam

Author: Nguyen Thi Lam Giang


PME: Vietnam

Title: ICT & ADOC bring change to Cao Tho

Author: Nguyen Thi Tuyet Xuan


PME: Papua New Guinea

Title: Adoc Center at Unitech PNG

Author: Miriam Suma.


PME: Papua New Guinea

Title: ADOC Program is the champion program

Author: Jeffery Arugani



PME: Papua New Guinea

Title: My Dream world of computers

Author: Joyce Peruka


PME: Thailand

Title: N/A

Author: Zhou Yanying


PME: Thailand

Title: My Pride in Learning Computer

Author: Ms Tongdee  Chokepook


PME: The Philippine

Title: Technology and Our Future

Author: Anthon Mark Jay Alguno Rivas


PME: The Philippines

Title: Overcoming the digital divide

Author: kyu2k12


PME: Indonesia

Title: Paradigm Change of Acehnese Majority

Author: Ayu Ulya


PME: Malaysia

Title: how adoc project improve the life of disadvantage groups

ADOC Newsletter Dec. 7, 2012

 ADOC Newsletter Dec. 7, 2012

Dear ADOC Members :

Once again, we would like to remind you that our ADOC Creative Writing Contest is now processing.

Please vote for articles through the following URL

The voting period of this contest is scheduled to end by next Monday.

For those who haven’t vote : you’d better hurry up or you will lose the chance winning Big Prizes.

We have been upgrading our server and hard drive recently, it cause the suspended connection to our website.

The problem is now fixed. So if you still have trouble logging in. Please let us know.


ADOC Successful Story

Hi this is me and Nancy Wobo, this photo was taken at ADOC Centre @Unitech. my Name is Monica Ibsagi this is my first time to attend ADOC 2.0 Training @ ADOC centre here at unitech I am very gratefully to come and attend this one week workshop .This program ADOC is running it helps me more to understand my work by using computer.

I was very please that I can do my own printing by using computer @ ADOC 2.0 Training 2012 at ADOC Centre here at Unitech.Now I know how to use computer to do my work .I want to be in this photo contest with my friend Nancy Wobo we been attending this course together. This photo was taken while I and Nancy was touch smell notepad lap top computer @ ADOC Centre computer room. This is my first time to touch a small lap top like this one that’s why we both a looking at it and smiling This basic computer course was sponsor by ADV and ADRA head office here @ Lae Morobe Province.

This program WAS Run by ADOC Centre here at Unitech Lae. ADOC Centre here at Unitech Lae is running this sort course here for anyone who wants to get the basics of computer with ADOC Centre here by the assist of Mr David Decka. Me and Nancy was one of the trainer’s was attending this basic computer training, we both want to say thankyou to Mr. David Decka to help both of us to understand this basics of computer .Thanks ADOC to run this program. This ADOC program is helping young and old people around the world ADOC 2.0 help people who can not using any thing like computer and now they can touch it and play with the keypad, like for now we can touch the keypad .ADOC Help me how I can entry in the photo contest .Please it you see my photo can you vote for me thanks and love you all around the world love you ADOC 2.0

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