2014 ADOC Video Competition Return Rewarded Team H2W2 the 1st Prize

In cooperation with the Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) and the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development (KKLW), the ADOC Secretariat started its pilot trial of SME cluster project in food processing industry and tourism industry in Kedah, Malaysia, since May 2013. The ADOC pilot trial of SME cluster project aims to provide training on information and communication technology (ICT) for empowering the local industries to take full advantage of the digital opportunities afforded by ICT and the Internet. 

Last year (2013), in collaborated with the School of Multimedia, the food processing cluster members worked with the student groups and made videos to introduce their products. Seeing the innovative ideas and creativities coming from the students, the SME owners saw the possibility to promote their business through clustering and online channels. The videos were well received and popular acclaimed. 

Therefore, this year (2014) again, supported by Mr. Fahkrul Anuar bin Aziz and in collaborate with the School of Multimedia, “2014 ADOC Video Competition Return” was announced on March 10 and lasted till April 21. A total of 11 student teams participated in the competition. The student teams worked with the chosen entrepreneurs in the tourism cluster and told the stories through video to promote Kedah.

The evaluation committee reviewed all the videos based on the concept, script and storyboard, content and organization, video quality, teamwork, and timelines. Three teams got selected as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and received awards.

“I was moved when I watched the videos,” said by Dr. I. Elizabeth Cha, Project Manager from the ADOC Secretariat, to the students in the prize giving ceremony. “I believe that your skills will be improved through days. Keep going. You can make it.”