Volunteers from Chinese Taipei

This is ADOC center at Nguyen Ba Ngou Primary School in Vietnam. Students of Aletheia University from Chinese Taipei were devoting themselves into ADOC project, working with teacher at the school as a volunteer. Students were facing a lot of difficulties because the underdevelopment of the infrastructures. Even though with the obstacles, they had always come up with some great ideas to overcome. Teachers appreciated these student’s efforts and news ideas. Now they know better how to use ICT to improve their teaching skill.



In the most impoverished mountain area of Peru, children of this village such as Adriana and Isabella, have to work for their family after school.
They rarely have the chance to cultivate their own interest due to the lack of resources and time.
Their families need them to take responsibilities sharing duties.
Now, for the first time they were able to use computers because of ADOC project.
They cherished this opportunity to use computers and paid their full attention to instructor because they know that they probably wouldn’t have such a chance to access to Information technology once they grow up.

Thailand, Umpiem Mai

The military government had taken over Burma since 1980.
After that, the Karans, natives of Burma, were persecuted by the military government.
Unfortunately they were not recognized by both Burma and Thailand and were forced to move to the broader between Burma and Thailand and stay in refugee camps.
Now Burma is holding a diplomatic election, the refugees fixed their eyes on it.
ADOC instructor is giving lectures to teach them how to use computers to follow the latest news about the election.



Children in Vietnam were expressing genuine excitement because it was their first time using computers which are donated by ASUS.

According to the statistical data from Vietnam center, the 21 new computers donated to three elementary schools in Vietnam, are used by 600 people every month.
So it cannot be denied that ADOC project did bring a lot of happiness to those kids in Vietnam.
Children in Vietnam were so excited about the computers, even the class had already dismissed, they were too excited to leave.
This is an unforgettable experience for those children. It is a priceless learning experience for the children.


Indonesia, MDOC-OIC center

Gunawan has a secret dream in his heart.
Since he first saw a young orangutan wondering alone in the forest,
he wished that one day he could help finding his family for him.
Gunawan lost his parents in a car accident, inside his heart, family reunion is a dream that can never happen to him.
In a small village of Sumatera, Indonesia,
Gunawan and other children are using computers that are granted by ADOC project and donations from ASUS to learn issues about rainforest preservation.
Together with Orangutans Information Center, Gunawan’s secret dream is about to come ture….