If you are inspired to take concrete action for reducing digital divide, here maybe something you would be interested in: Join the ADOC International Volunteer Program.

This year, in addition to the 9 volunteer teams from Chinese Taipei, we have one team, the Youth Union of Phuoc Son district, coming from Vietnam. Therefore, this summer, 80 qualified and experienced volunteers from 10 universities and non-government organizations will provide ICT skills training and serve in 4 APEC member economies, namely, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.

Sending volunteer teams to the ADOCs is part of the work to bridge digital divides and create digital opportunities. All of them aim to promote equity of access to technology in those regions which lack of technological resources. The services range widely from basic computer skill training, setting up website, enhancing public transportation services based on GPS mapping, promoting nature conservation through social networking, and agricultural development. Doing services is one of the objectives in the volunteer program. The volunteer will also get to know those whom are served cross-culturally and may establish international friendships with the people they are going to serve locally. The relevant information about the 10 volunteer teams and the locations where they are going is listed in Table 1.

It is our sincere hope that more and more volunteers from different locations, schools, organizations, or nationalities are willing to participate in the ADOC International Volunteer Program and serve in the digital lacking areas to make a change.