If you are inspired to take concrete action for reducing digital divide, here maybe something you would be interested in: Join the ADOC International Volunteer Program.

This year, up to 90 qualified and experienced women and men of 10 different universities and non-government organizations volunteer and to provide ICT skills training and service in 4 APEC Economies, namely, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. There are 7 groups have registered and the rest 3 teams are waiting to be recruited overseas in Mexico, Malaysia and the Philippines or Vietnam until the end of June, 2014.

Sending volunteer teams to the ADOCs is part of the work to bridge digital divides and create digital opportunities. Although every team has its own methodology, they all aim to increase global dialogue and educational opportunities by promoting equity of access to technology in regions lacking technological resources. The services vary widely including basic computer skills training, writing small computer program by Etoys, Squeak and Baltie, promoting nature conservation through social networking, agricultural development and Chinese learning program. The practical services are only parts of the main objective. The services are also methods to promote intercultural understanding and friendship between the volunteers and with the local community. This year, we will have three volunteer teams from Mexico, Malaysia and the Philippines (or Vietnam). It is our sincere hope that in the near future there will be more and more volunteers of different nationalities participating in our program.