Telmex Dominating the Telephone Traffic in Mexico

In July, the CFC had concluded that Telmex is dominant also in the market for local telephone traffic and income of links to large users

Telmex, the largest fixed telephony operator in Mexico, is dominant in a market origination of traffic, said on Wednesday the Federal Competition Commission (CFC), a move that could bring it closer to being subjected to stricter rules than those of competitors .

Telmex, which controls about 80 percent of the fixed telephony market in Mexico has been considered dominant in other markets by the CFC.

In July, the agency determined that Telmex has substantial power in the market for local telephone traffic and income of links devoted to large users and other operators, for international long distance.

Officials have said they may create specific rules for signature in order to promote competition in the sector.

“(Telmex) has substantial power in wholesale markets origination services public switched voice traffic that are provided to dealers authorized public telecommunications networks to provide long distance services,” the CFC in the Official Journal.

Microsoft Mexico, Promoting the Development of Information Technology

The decision to invest in these sessions responding to the genuine interest of the brand awareness of the opportunities our country has to increase their level of competitiveness and promote development in areas where information technology can contribute.

Microsoft Mexico sponsors, as every year, the visit of the most important analysts of the World Economic Forum (WEF for its acronym in English). This time, Irene Mia, Senior Economist, World Economic Forum noted that for the second consecutive year, Mexico remains in 60th place among 133 nations in the Global Competitiveness Index.

These results show good aspects, especially in an adverse economic environment as the world has faced in recent months. Nevertheless, Mexico needs to make changes in substantive areas as the impetus for technological development, fostering local innovation, access and training in the use of information technologies and communication, improving educational quality and strengthening of institutions at all levels, among others, to achieve a better position in the Index, said Irene Mia.

During her speech, she explained in detail the results of the Global Competitiveness Report, which gives access to the performance of the most important variables in the subject and the importance of the adoption and use of Information Technology.

Juan Alberto González Esparza, General Manager of Microsoft Mexico, emphasized the enormous opportunity that represent information technology to increase competitiveness indices and developing countries.

Mexico stressed that currently only about 27 million people, of more than 107 million people in the country, are Internet users. This, added Gonzalez Esparza, opens an important area of opportunity for Mexico, it is estimated that by the end of 2013, the market for information technology will drive the opening of a thousand new companies, most of which are SMEs.

“There is evidence that investment in technology infrastructure is driving the development of countries. A clear example of this is that according to the study of Competitive Intelligence Unit, the 10 percentage point increase in the use and adoption of broadband, this would result in 1.3 years to raise the average level of schooling in Mexico. At Microsoft we know that Mexico is a nation of great opportunity, so we’re committed young entrepreneurs and to the generation projects and partnerships to bring technology to more people and thus improve competitiveness and national progress. ” said the CEO of Microsoft Mexico.

“Lately, we have heard most often by the World Economic Forum that Mexico loses competitiveness in various aspects, which concerns us all by the immersion of the country irreversible globalization process. Scales down competitiveness means that businesses and institutions lose Mexican market to deliver goods or services. In 2008, the IT market represented about $ 13.300 million (Source: Select), representing about 1.37% of GDP, a very low percentage compared with the world average is 3.6%. In this environment, the Mexican Association of Information Technology Industry (AMITI) plays a role in making awareness among the different sectors which are Information Technologies competitiveness’ cornerstone”, said Carlos Allende, President of the AMITI.

For Microsoft, to invite each year the World Economic Forum analysts, is part of the actions it has undertaken to contribute to dialogue and to have a global perspective on economic growth, local innovation, social development and creation of opportunities. This aims to contribute to enriching the global picture of the industry and the authorities and public opinion in order to increase the competitive performance of our Mexico.


Kindle Available in México


For now more than 200,000 English language books available to more than 100 countries worldwide, including ours! 

You know: Kindle is Amazon’s most desired product, more and more sold bestowed on the famous online shop. However, before today had only been available to U.S. customers. Now for the first time, the Kindle is available to customers worldwide, including Mexico, the same price of $ 279 USD (plus shipping) via / kindle, to be dispatch same from 19 October.

"We have millions of customers in countries around the world who read books in English," said Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of "The Kindle allows these customers to search and download a book wirelessly in under 60 seconds."

The Kindle Store offers international customers more than 200,000 books in English, including recent issues and best selling books as The New York Times, which cost, usually less than the physical issues. More than 1,000 copyright owners now have books available in the Kindle Store, including major publishers like Atlantic Books, Bloomsbury, Canongate, Faber and Faber, Hachette, Harlequin, HarperCollins, Lonely Planet, Penguin, Profile Books, Quercus, Simon & Schuster and Wiley.

Over 85 of the major U.S. newspapers and international magazines are also available in the Kindle Store for purchase as single copies or by subscription. Many international newspapers are available for the first time in the Kindle Store, including La Stampa (Italy), El Pais (Spain), El Universal (Mexico), O Globo (Brazil), The Daily Telegraph (UK), together with daily the importance of The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, Le Monde (France), Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany) and The Washington Post. Subscriptions to newspapers and magazines are sent to the Kindle automatically and wirelessly. 

Ready to get into the Kindle fashion?

Are you ready for EGS 2009?



The 2009 edition of Electronic Game Show is just around the corner. Ready to take control of 23 to 25 October? 

We are just a few days of the issue number eight of Electronic Game Show (EGS), which will take place on October 23rd, 24th and 25th at Expo Bancomer Santa Fe.

This year will meet over 50 exhibitors from 7 countries and with an expectation of 30 thousand visitors during the three days, which makes it the launching pad for new technologies of video game entertainment with more important in Mexico and Latin America.

According Oelli, the company organizing the event, the spectacular graphics, new forms of interaction and new wireless online gaming capabilities will be the trends seen in more than 200 new game titles to be displayed in the EGS 2009.

Note that in this edition, Mexican companies participating game developers, which speaks not only that Mexico is a consumer country, but has the elements to be among the best in the world.

Among the participating companies include: Activision / Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Disney Interactive Studios, Games for Windows, Konami, THQ, Xbox, Sega, LucasArts and Warner Interactive, among other firms.

Social Networks: A Door To Intimacy?




The specialist Javier Cortazar Francisco Rodriguez said beyond that excessive use of Internet social networks such as Facebook, can cause addiction or not, there are other risks when you use these technological tools.

The Academic Department of Urban Sociology at the University of Guadalajara (UdeG) added that one of them is that users "are being watched and studied their consumption habits."

He said that in such surveys are conducted virtual sites that in most cases, are aimed at collecting information. He cited that questionnaires are small and easy to fill in where the Internet user is asked what kind of character they want to be?

"The answers, in the end, they become large databases that show viewing habits, and whose information is sold to companies for advertising," he said.

He said "so often see on Facebook, towards the right side, advertising that is customized according to our tendencies, tastes, ages, sex."

He said these companies "are very valuable economically, because they have huge stores of information customized for each of us who use such tools, that is, we continuously studied.

Cortazar Rodriguez added that another possible risk is that, through such sites, users get information from criminals and used to commit crimes such as kidnappings.

However, it considered that there is no relationship between crime and such tools, even so called conscience and not to give or share personal information in such sites.

The scholar said that such tools are also an excellent way to facilitate communication between childhood friends, school, work and family. On the use and abuse of this tool are said fads.

"In the studies we have done so far, no major problem occurs, it is a worrying phenomenon, it is interesting to see how fast media trends evolve, a couple of years the phenomenon was my space," he said.

TOTVS opens office in Mexico City

TOTVS opened facilities in Mexico City to receive more employees and continue its steady growth, supporting Mexican companies with ERP solutions for all industries.
Rodrigo Nasser, Director of TOTVS Mexico commented: "It gives us a pride and a challenge to have these new offices, which are equipped with technology to meet the demands of Mexican companies. TOTVS staff find everything you need to focus on serving the needs of our customers and prospects. In our new facility, we also have a unique concept in the market, the permanent center of Results (CPR), which is a space that simulates actual operating environments for our clients and prospects by creating a greater approach to the experience of having management solutions.
The facilities have developed a room equipped to design, improve and test specific solutions for each market segment and industry need.
Nasser went on: "This center also has TOTVS technology with everything necessary to demonstrate and live some of the most common processes such as human capital management, quality management, financial management and accounting, among others.
The new offices, located on the 16th floor of Avenida Santa Fe # 495, home to 67 employees and have a web site that provides both wired and wireless, video conference room, training room, meeting rooms and spaces dynamic work

Stuck Frequency Tenders

There are differences of opinion, recognizes the commissioner Gonzalo Martínez Pous

Tendering service frequency for Internet and mobile telephony are "stuck" because there are still "differences of opinion" between the Cofetel, the Federal Competition Commission and the Ministry of Finance within the limits for the concentration of spectrum and the reference prices .

Gonzalo Martínez Pous, president of the Federal Telecommunications Commission (Cofetel), says that even "lack of clarity in the terms of the tender," the Cofetel still holds talks with the CFC in order to reconsider the antitrust authority regarding the limitation of 80 Megahertz proposed for the accumulation of frequencies by the companies and reconsider the original proposal involved Cofetel 90 Megahertz (Mhz).

Interviewed by the newspaper El Economista, Martínez Pous states that Cofetel is adamant that with a broader cap for the accumulation of frequencies, the benefit would be higher for companies.

"What we are doing is to demonstrate to the FCC with technical studies, the benefits of our proposal and we hope to reconsider its position" details.

While the Treasury Department is trying to reach an agreement according to the reference prices. And so far, by the frequency of 1.7 GHz for Internet services, the reference price is high.

"The Cofetel has worked at top speed, if they had approved our initial proposals, the call would have been published in September, but there are issues having to do with third. We hope that in coming days it may leave, "he says.

Body strengthened

Martínez Pous proposal also addresses the recently introduced PRD parliamentary group for the creation of an autonomous body to replace the Cofetel.

And it is clear in saying that "Cofetel functions are determined by the Executive, and what is really needed is to ensure the autonomy of the Commission. It requires a regulatory body, not a political body.

To strengthen it, he says, it is necessary that the processes are not divided between the SCT and Cofetel, focusing on a single authority. "The optimum would be for the Cofetel has the power to provide sanctions," he says.

The sanctions which are "stuck" some issues, for example, says, Cofetel Telmex proposed sanction for failing to consolidate Local Service Areas and TV Azteca for marketing the Hi-tv decoder, but both cases were turned over to the Ministry of Communications and Transportation without that so far there’s a resolution.

In count

After having served one year on 2 September arrival for Cofetel, Gonzalo Martínez Pous ensures full regulatory body has promoted and implemented key mechanisms for regulating the sector, such as the Basic Plan and Interconnection National Register of Mobile Phone Users.

And he warns: "Next year will be critical because it comes asymmetric regulation on some companies from the resolutions of the CFC dominance.

AOC Official Sponsor for Fuerza Regia



AOC official sponsor one of the most important basketball teams nationwide, "Fuerza Regia.

AOC has the best imaging technology and design, and that is why the manufacturer of LCD models placed around the headquarters compound of the equipment, the Gym Nuevo Leon in Monterrey, and will include all the boxes and VIP areas where there will be transmitted videos and computer animations before, during and after each game.

Fuerza Regia of Monterrey, participates in the National Basketball League Pro since the 2001 season, and is owned by Sergio Ganem. Also holds the record for most wins in a row in a single season with 18. Players like Jorge Rochín, Omar Quintero, Ramses Benitez, among others, have passed through this square. Dennis Rodman, seven-time NBA rebounding champion, played two official games in this team in 2004.

In 2007, stole the camera to recruit a team Fuerza Regia Sun Ming Ming, the tallest basketball player in the world who with his height of 2.36 meters caused quite a stir worldwide and helped the spread of the Mexican basketball . Nationally, the team promotes sport and that is why we decided to sponsor it because AOC expects this year to be champions.

The professional basketball team in Monterrey Fuerza Regia "made changes for the 2009-2010 season and what better than with the excellent adjustments being made in Nuevo Leon Gym. Among the improvements is the installation of 35 screens AOC 42 "inches on the inner periphery of the enclosure, thus providing a better appreciation of the matches of the tournament in Monterrey quintet that started weeks ago.
The screens will have replays of the best games, images and more, making each encounter a unique experience for the wizard.
Fuerza Regia is strengthened day by day to begin with right foot a campaign that displayed very competitive within the LNBP, where the campus of North Sultana one of the favorites to be crowned with the title. The Force started at home on Friday 18 September at 20:00 hours pitting Indios de Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua, then the Sunday 20 at 18:00 fought against the Gray Wolves of the UAD.

Harweb Participates in the XXXIII CIAPEM’s National Meeting

 The past September 23rd, 24th and 25th with the theme "Government Innovation", the Committee of Informatics, State and Municipal Public Administration (CIAPEM), held its XXXIII National Meeting in the city of Pachuca Hidalgo. During which Harweb, a Mexican company for government services provider specializing in Process Payroll and Human Resource Management, and Financial Materials, participated as a sponsor of this event with the support of Microsoft Mexico, a company which maintains a close relationship business.

Javier Alvarez, Harweb Commercial Director commented: "Harweb since birth has encouraged innovation in the various levels of government: municipal, state and federal levels. Through the use of information technologies. Participating in this event is part of our strategy to continue to present solutions and services that enable businesses and government institutions to foster innovation in their work structures. "

The event was held the past September, 23rd, 24th and 25th in the city of Pachuca, Hidalgo, and was attended by lecturers as Niembro Francisco Gonzalez, Undersecretary of Assessment and Institutional Development in the Ministry of Public Security of the Federal Government, who is in charge of Mexico Shelf System; Leo Zuckerman, a political analyst, Alfredo A. Reyes Krafft, Advisory Committee Member, NIC MEXICO, among others.

During this event, Harweb presented different products and services as Harweb GRP 2.0, the new version of its Government Resource Planning; technology platform specializes in Payroll, Human Resources, material and financial, for the public sector that generates a new model of government administration through a scheme of shared services.

He also introduced his OS.MX, which is a business platform that enables virtualization of personal computers by integrating all types of systems through a Web desktop, getting a perfect control of the tools, licenses and critical information the organization.

"During the event, we find the needs that still exist in the different levels of government in integrating technology into their structures below. Continue to support government institutions in the use of innovative information technology but above all, to enable them to optimize their methodologies for improving their operations, either internally or in support of improved public service. "Ended Alvarez Solorio.