SCT Looking for Competition in Telecommunications

Molinar Horcasitas said he will promote an enabling environment for the development of a strong industry

The Secretary of Communications and Transport, Juan Molinar Horcasitas, said that if all players in the telecommunications industry agree, give the final leap to bridge the digital divide which keeps Mexico from its competitors in terms of penetration broadband connections.

Under the "B3 Broadband For Business Forum" event that shows the innovations that this year will see the sector, said he will promote an environment suitable for the development of a strong industry.

"We must ensure a policy of distinction even, open to competition," he said, "where each of the players know in advance the rules of the game and know who is going to implement will be the authority and impartiality."

Hector Osuna, chairman of the Federal Telecommunications Commission (Cofetel), said it would continue to act with neutrality, for the largest deployment of broadband infrastructure such as xDSL, coaxial cable and wireless.

He reaffirmed that the purpose of tenders allow the entry of several competitors and give operators established new competitive situations.

During the event, Ernesto Piedras, Director of Competitive Intelligence Unit consultant, said the telecommunications market in Mexico grew by 6.7 percent, to reach a value from 386 thousand 895 million pesos, due to the increasing demand for services.

This, despite the national economy had contracted the most, 6.5 percent, the highest in the last seven decades, he said.

The main causes of this growth, Stone said, highlighting the existence of demand for services, the constant evolution of technology and developing new services.

In intensified the average annual consumption of Mexicans to reach 4 thousand 776 dollars, an increase of 9.7 percent over last year, and by 2010, is expected to increase by 6.2 percent to 5 thousand 72 pesos.

For operators, said it would also be expected investment growth of nearly 16 percent over 2008, to reach 48 thousand 132 million pesos.

Another element that will drive the sector, he said, is that expected higher regulatory activity, and tendering and fiber spectrum and discussion of interconnection charges, ASL, fully open to foreign investment.

Reference: El Reforma, Mexico

MVS Broadband is Proposed to Be Used

Del Villar suggested deploy national network
• To achieve coverage of 22% in services, goal for 2012
• The project requires investment of billion dollars

In order to realize the goal of 22 percent penetration in broadband services by 2012, it is necessary to exploit the potential that the frequency of 2.5 gigahertz (GHz), where it currently operates MVS, to deploy a national network of services, high speed Internet and data with a total coverage to include rural areas, the commissioner proposed Rafael del Villar Alrich.

In a meeting with media, the official of the Federal Telecommunications Commission (Cofetel) explained that this project would require greater investment to one billion dollars, which would be involved in various businesses since the implementation of a plan of this magnitude could not realized with the resources of a single operator, as it requires extensive technological capability to carry it out.

He emphasized that his proposal does not imply that the operation be moved to another frequency MVS, because the spectrum using account with sufficient bandwidth to provide data service as the transmission of television signals restricted.

Del Villar said it is possible to realize this project in the current administration, if the Executive and the operators they agree to consolidate the national network rollout of broadband services, also pointed out that most grant extensions frequency of 2.6 GHz due between 2018 and 2020.

He stressed that the extensions of the spectrum corresponding to Nuevo Leon and Guadalajara won in 2009, which represents about 140 mehgahertz, and those belonging to expire in Mexico City next year.


He stated that to date the country has been allocated 170 megahertz for mobile services and felt that this level will grow to 300 megahertz if future bids are successful, however, said that will not suffice, since according to data the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to 760 megahertz will be required to meet the demand for broadband services in 2010.

Del Villar stressed that the most viable model in the short term is for the exploration of the 2.5 GHz band, since it features a quantity of 190 megahertz spectrum, enough to provide next-generation services, stating that the company’s MVS with the largest amount of spectrum within the frequency, followed by Ultravision, TMN Group, Megacable, Esper Telecomarca and Brothers, among others that make up a list of 10 operators.


He said these companies may participate in the project with input from their concession titles are not yet due and the infrastructure already established to expedite the deployment of the network, the government also would have a place in the development of this plan with measures to ensure full coverage of services, the endorsement of the concessions and the possible redemption of a portion of the band if necessary.

In addition, ruled that the state’s participation could occur through the conversion of the consideration for the equity spectrum and said there are already some foreign investors interested in the project.

Del Villar said that to finalize the deployment of a national broadband network agreement is needed among the dealers in the frequency to keep the project is curbed by procurement, not their titles should be amended to grant to establish the commitments of full coverage and allocated bandwidth, which would mean saving a portion of the frequency.

"If you do not require coverage obligations not make sense to grant a large bandwidth, because we run the risk of under-utilize the radio spectrum," he added, stressing that the provision of these services will be reflected in improved social development and improving competitiveness.

Reference: El Financiero, Mexico

Televisa and Nextel are asked to tender together

The CFC rejected their decisions favoring Televisa

Televisa and Nextel must participate as a single economic group in the bidding for radio spectrum frequencies to avoid hoarding and opportunity to others, said Eduardo Perez Motta, president of the Federal Competition Commission.

The tender will be for mobile and considered that these companies are interested in the 1.7 GHz band to achieve national coverage in the service.

Also tendered the 1.9 GHz band to complement the service offering and deploy mobile technology known as third generation.

"At the bidding of 1.7 GHz, two packets of 30 MHz and if (Televisa and Nextel) had entered as separate companies, each could get a block. The fact that Televisa and Nextel have this relationship equity, it makes us think they are a single economic group. There could indeed difficult for them to see two pieces of 30 MHz and becomes another block for a third participant, "Perez Motta said in an interview.

He said this action would generate more spectrum to obtain the other participants in the tender and denied that the decisions of the CFC are favoring Televisa.

The antitrust authority approved the acquisition of 30 percent of Nextel by Televisa, in a transaction amounting to thousand 440 million dollars but has an option to acquire an additional stake of 7.5 per cent stake in the mobile enterprise.

Perez Motta justified the decision saying that Nextel may be a stronger competitor in the mobile market.

"Televisa is not in the mobile market and Nextel is not television. The only coincidence that there are fixed, reaching 1.5 percent of the market.

"And they have a match in the Internet market, which reaches 7 percent, no problem really. So we said we would not impair competition. To the extent that power to a relatively smaller competitor in the market but efficient (Nextel) promote competition, "the official said.

Perez Motta said the government should tender the spectrum recovered following that refused to extend various concessions.

It is recalled that the Ministry of Communications and Transportation denied the renewal of nine concessions MVS restricted audio, which can be used for mobile telephony. In addition to channels 52 and 46, MVS, and Cablevision, respectively.

Reference: El Reforma, México

Privalia arrives in Mexico, Spanish online outlet

The company wants to chime the success of its Brazilian subsidiary, which is four times that of Spain or Italy billing

Privalia, the "shopping club" Spanish, opened in Mexico, a new destination in their race for internationalization. The company is already present in Italy and Brazil in Latin America and bet directly as a target for expansion.

The company wants to repeat in other countries in the success of its Brazilian subsidiary, which was able to multiply by four sales figures from Italy and Spain.

"Unlike competitors, expansion into Latin America is one of our key strategies," says founding partner of Privalia, Lucas Carné. "The aim is to strengthen the brand and expand market share in the period of expansion," says .

Reference: Silicon News, Spain

The Cofetel asks Congress to Define its Identity

The Commission President Hector Osuna Jaime, urged lawmakers to define the institutional design of telecommunications, which involves strengthening the regulatory body or disappearance

Cofetel President Hector Osuna Jaime, calling on the legislature to define the institutional design of telecommunications, which involves strengthening the regulatory authority or its disappearance.

He said that ‘it is difficult to say which is better, that everything has the SCT or Cofetel, but for someone to decide and say so, no problem if we disappear, the joke is that the country forward’.

He said the Federal Telecommunications Commission (Cofetel) is in an environment that makes her feel ‘in an open field surrounded by snipers’, because there is truly functioning institutional design.

All that we mean minutes, hours, days, months and years that we have back, it pays to the uncertainty is what creates apathy among people who have resources to undertake business ventures and those who are inside and have no ideals, those are the snipers to which I referred to ‘.

He stressed that after 14 years with the Cofetel life is necessary to decide whether to take the full step in institutional design or go back.

"Any of the options gives certainty, if we’re staying there is no problem, but it is a work of the legislature rather than a server," he asked.

Reference: El Universal, Mexico

Oracle Plans to Invest in Jalisco

Oracle contemplates an investment of nearly $ 20 million and generate 150 to 200 jobs

Jalisco’s electronics industry failed to attract an investment of Oracle, and struggles to land a second Intel plant in the state, two great names in the sector worldwide.

It is expected that about three weeks to publicize the arrival of Oracle, a company dedicated to software development, which envisaged an investment of nearly $ 20 million and generate 150 to 200 jobs.

Oracle executives made visits this week to discuss Jalisco spaces in industrial parks and meet with officials of the Ministry of Economic Promotion (SEPROE).

A direct question, the owner of the SEPROE, Alonso Ulloa Vélez, Jalisco on what you are doing to attract investments in the electronics area, specifically that of Oracle, said:

"What have we done? Having a high-tech cluster very successful and have a very aggressive attitude in promoting the Governor Emilio Gonzalez and the entire government team.

"What we have is a state with the best conditions for high-tech industry. Talk about a state that is looking to the future, and that international companies see it, so continue to trust in Jalisco," he said.

The advent of Oracle and Intel is expanding the sector’s importance in Jalisco said Ricardo Gomez, president of the National Chamber of Electronic Industry, Telecommunications and Informatics (Canieti).

"We already have IBM and Intel have to, we have Dell, I think that adds to the effort in each of the companies have significant growth, a full capacity," he said.

Oracle is one of the leading companies in information technology, found Gomez.

"We have a very important cluster information technology, and training capabilities that we need is more of people who know Oracle for international projects.

Oracle is one of the companies manufacturing software, databases and enterprise applications world’s largest.

It is the first software company that develops and implements business applications 100 percent Internet activity through its entire product line: database, business applications and development tools and decision support applications.

‘They fight’ for Intel

With incentives ranging from tax advantages to the facilitation of land, Zapopan and compete for the installation Tlajomulco what would be the second Intel plant in Jalisco.

As both municipalities and even the state government made an agreement of confidentiality not to disclose details of the project of the company, due to the support that Intel is negotiating in state and federal level, municipalities have been limited only to highlight the importance and relevance investment.

"Intel is definitely one of the most recognized worldwide for the type of technology they manage, the impact on the type of work they provide, which is a level of workers say, but is a high average level , engineers, technicians, people who have a doctorate, "said Antonio Salazar Gomez, director of Economic Development Tlajomulco.

Reference: El Reforma, Mexico

Mexican Stores Are Uploaded into Twitter

The store is the Palacio de Hierro has more followers in this social network

Extra convenience stores, Wal-Mart de Mexico, Interjet, El Palacio de Hierro and Famsa started to "twitter" approach to their consumers, with the main purpose of meeting suggestions, questions about services and prices, in addition to publishing deals in social networks.

According to a study by Frost & Sullivan, the social network used to establish contact with customers is Twitter, with 9 percent, followed by Facebook, with 8 percent, and blogs, with 7 percent.

Currently, Palacio de Hierro is maintained in the lead with more than 2 thousand 500 followers, while the low-cost airline Interjet sum thousand 400.

Third is the price club chain Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart de Mexico, which launched just weeks your account and managed to attract the interest of 52 thousand followers.

We follow the Famsa appliance stores, with 230 followers on Twitter, in fourth place, and Extra convenience stores, with only 31 followers.

In an exercise to ascertain the capacity to respond to consumer questions on twitter, REFORM found that Sam’s Club resolved a question via twitter in two minutes.

Consistent with a report of Gartner, estimated that e-mail will be replaced by more personal communication channels and closer as the networking.

According to forecasts by the consultant, in the next 2 years, half of the companies will start using social networking as the main means of communication and in 2015 could be replaced almost entirely by e-mail.

The motivations of firms to use the microblogging platform are similar to those of consumers, ie to share views and keep in touch with their peers, as well as a way to get quick answers to questions.

Mexico is the fourth country ciberlectores busiest blogs, only after South Korea, Philippines and China, according to a report from Universal McCann, the network of market research agencies worldwide, released by TNS.

Reference: El Reforma, México

Hitachi Launches Book on Virtualization

Hitachi Data Systems released a book in a special edition entitled "Storage Virtualization For Dummies" explaining that concept with apples

Hitachi Data Systems released a book in a special edition entitled "Storage Virtualization For Dummies" series of For Dummies books international, known for treating more than 300 thousand items easily.

Enterprises today require knowledge of how virtualization can help them optimize the performance and use of your information. This technology, according to Gartner data, it achieves a cost reduction of 47% in maintenance of servers, storage, infrastructure and application software.

The immediate benefits of virtualization technologies from Hitachi are reflected in the recovery and utilization of unused storage capacity up to 50%, simplified management, increased data protection, data migration simple and reduce overall costs power, space and cooling.

"The intention with this book is to destroy myths and misconceptions about storage virtualization. This is a readable book that will help drive the full potential of data centers in just 60 minutes, showing how to identify , develop and implement dynamic and effective solutions both Hitachi and other brands as well as help achieve the business potential, "said Alejandro Lomelín, CEO of Hitachi Data Systems Mexico.

Written in a straightforward style, the book contains six chapters easy to understand with real studies that make a useful and interesting reading.

The authorship is headed by the vice president and chief technology officer of Hitachi, Hu Yoshida, Adrian De Luca and Send Bhide, who combine over 30 years experience in information technology in the areas of storage management, virtualization and data protection .
The book will be distributed among customers, Hitachi Data Systems, while the e-book version in Spanish will be available online. 

Reference: El Universal, México

Triple Play, limited to mexicans: Telmex

The Mexicans do not have the same access conditions to Triple Play, it means, telephony services, Internet and Cable Television in only one pack, as it is in other countries.

The Mexicans do not have the same access conditions to Triple Play, it means, telephony services, Internet and Cable Television in only one pack, as it is in other countries. This was assured by the Director of Finance and administration of Telmex, Adolfo Cerezo.

In an audioconference with analists about the financial report of the firm in the fourth trimester of 2009, the directive emphasized that the objective of the enterprise is to continue with the provision of voice services and date with quality to contribute with the increase in the penetration, while it receives the modification to its concession title which would permit to offer Triple Play.

In 2006, The Communications and Transports Secretariat, published the Agreement of Convergence in which The Federal Competence Comission (CFC) established that to allow the Enterprise to incursion in the market of the television must fully accomplish with the interconnection of the networks, interoperability and numeric portability.

 On his part, the general director of the Telephone compay, Hector Slim Seade pointed that the services of broadband are impulsed to the commercialization since 1999 from more than 2.5 millions of computers, due to one of the main hindrances for the growth of the broadband is the lack of computers in the Mexican homes.

He pointed out that in relation with December of 2003; the offered speed in the Internet Access services was multiplied 100 times passing from 56 kilobits  per second (Kbps) to more than five Megabits, as the price per kilobits in packs decreased 48 times.

Underlined that “one of the main commitments of Telmex is to ptomote the penetration and the access to the broadband services, for which the program Telmex 2010 positions the company as the principal promoter of connectivity, education, and digital culture and Information technologies development in our country”.

Source: El Universal, México

It is Rumored An Alliance Between Televisa and Nextel

We comment on the stock market that the ace up his sleeve, Grupo Televisa, now that it could bog down the auction of radio frequencies in amparo brought by several dealers, it will soon reach an alliance with Nextel, which runs Peter Foyo.

Be the operation of the company by Emilio Azcarraga Jean became one stroke the only player to offer the so-called quadruple play, is, it could take a package of pay TV, high speed Internet, wireline and wireless services .

The transaction would exceed one billion dollars and would have the approval of various regulators, including the CFC, which has not challenged any purchase of cable TV companies.

Reference: El Financiero, Mexico