Telcel and Movistar will block stolen Cell Phones

The aim is to discourage the reuse of these
devices on the black market

From this Tuesday, Telcel and
Telefonica companies begin to block all cell phones that are reported stolen in
order to discourage the reuse of these devices on the black market, according
to the newspaper El Universal.

In conference, the coordinator
of regulatory affairs Telcel, Daniel Bernal said users have 30 days from the
theft of his cell to ask for the lock which will take effect in 24 hours.

On March 24 Mexico Telcel and
Telefónica launched the Convention for the exchange of information to prevent
reuse of stolen phones, which begins on the third and last stage with the final
block of the teams reported.

To lock a stolen cell phone user
will be essential that a finding before the Public Ministry and the present in
a call center company that provides the service with a valid official

Also, you must sign the
application form block in which is approved and confirmed by the IMEI, ie the
number that identifies each computer and cell consisting of 15 digits recorded
on the computer.

Bernal stressed that the Nextel
phone and Iusacell have shown interest in joining this initiative, however,
their participation depends on several technical factors.

‘They have been invited and have
had interest in the subject but the technologies in which they operate are
different so that the necessary exchange of data is somewhat complicated,
Telcel and Telefonica if we operate with the same technology in the mobile network.

Unfortunately, he added, there
is no precise statistics on the incidence of theft of cell whenever the low
numbers in each company did not detail if the reason is the theft or loss.

However, he said, this
collaboration agreement will help create a database with which you can measure
progress against crime not only theft but also extortion.

Source: El Universal

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