1. Activity Summary

This activity will consist in asking ADOC Center trainees to participate in a picture taking activity. This is a great chance for trainees to practice photo taking skills with digital devices to record important moments in ADOCs. Pictures to record the training activities in the centers, people (trainers or trainees), the touching moment when they visited ADOCs, or anything that is worthy to be remembered in the ADOC program are encouraged to submit to the online contest page. We have a new idea of photo contest this year. We sincerely ask all competitors to provide photomontage. Competitors can integrate ADOC/ASUS (sponsor) logos to photos to show the combination between ADOC/ASUS (sponsor) and people directly. All the photos submitted online will be reviewed and soon open to all the ADOC members for voting.

All the ADOCs are asked to promote this activity and encourage the trainees to participate. After the promotion period, participants who are interested in the contest will have 40 days to collect pictures. At the end of the picture collection phase, trainees can submit their best pictures with a short description up to 200 words to the ADOC Photo Contest Website. To be able to submit their pictures, each contestant is required to register as a member of the ADOC site, fill a registration form, and agree with a picture originality declaration and waiver/consent form.

All the submitted photos will be uploaded into the activity photo gallery. Contestants can promote their work and invite family members, friends and the general public to the ADOC’s website to vote for their photos. Voters are required to be members of ADOC’s website. The top 20 pictures which won the most votes will be reviewed by the panel of experts from the ADOC Secretariat and ASUS Foundation. After that, the top 3 pictures will be awarded $300 USD (first place)/$200 USD (second place)/$100 USD (third place).

2. Important Dates

Phase Date
Activity Announcement and Promotion 15th March-15th April
Picture Taking, Collecting and Editing 16th April-30st June
Contestant Registration and Photo Submission Deadline 1st July
Voting Period 2nd July-15th July
Panel Evaluation 16nd July-31th July
Winners Announcement 1st Aug-15th Aug
Prize Awarding 16th Aug-31st Agu


The primary objective behind this activity is to raise awareness of the importance of bridging the digital divide, by continuing to promote positive information and communication technology (ICT) related activities aimed to encourage ICT adoption people’s daily life. In addition, this activity will also show what the ADOCs have served as important roles to facilitate access to ICT and provide training and education to those vulnerable segments of the population.

The secondary objective of this activity helps our ADOC Partners promote the importance of their ADOC Center in their communities in order to bring more trainees to their ADOCs.