Russia ADOC Centers

From 2010 to 2013 June, 3 APEC Digital Opportunity Centers was established and 6,775 people have received training. These centers focus mainly on trainers’ training, women and children’s ICT skills, and strengthens local SMEs’ e-commerce abilities.

YARCCI (2011)

In May 12, 2011, the ADOC 2.0 Project, in collaboration with the Yaroslavl Chamber of Commerce and Industry (YarCCI), opened its first center in Russia. The ADOC 2.0 Center was established in the city of Yaroslavl, 260 kilometers away from Moscow. The opening ceremony marked the establishment of the ADOC project’s 70th center since its inception in 2004, with Russia being the 10th Partner Member Economy to join this initiative. The Yaroslavl-ADOC 2.0 Center, which features 16 desktops and peripherals donated by the project, will focus on facilitating access to services offered via the internet / computer based and e-commerce related training courses, especially to women, unemployed people, micro/small entrepreneurs, and other disadvantaged groups of the community.
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Tatarstan is an APEC Digital Opportunity Center which opened in June 6, 2012. These ADOC Centers aim to provide training on information and communication technology (ICT) for disadvantage group and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that have encountered difficulty in gaining access to computers and are eager to gain knowledge of computer and e-Commerce. ADOC center seeks to empower them to take full advantage of the digital opportunities afforded by ICT and the Internet.


Tatarstan is an APEC Digital Opportunity Center which opened in June 6, 2012. Russia joined the ADOC project in 2011, and since first ADOC center has been established. Thus far, around 300 Russians have received training at the ADOC center in Yaroslavl. This center is the fruits of cooperative effort between Russia’s public and private sectors and the ADOC Secretariat in Chinese Taipei. The new ADOC center will aim to provide the ICT related training for the local SMEs.