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Training MaterialsFree Google Applications – en

Free Google Applications – en

Free Google Applications

Free Google Applications Searching the Internet 1
Mail and Surf with Google (I) 2
Mail and Surf with Google (II) 3
Editing and Publishing Texts 4
Publishing Web Pages 5
Videos on the Internet 6
Exploring the World 7
Your Online Calendar 8
Communication (I)
Communication (II)
Picasa Photo Editing and Web Albums (I)
Picasa Photo Editing and Web Albums (II)
Public Materials Quiz

Free Google Applications

* What is not an advantage about Google Drive:
* Before booking your hotel room online, you can check if it’s really close to the beach that you want to be near to by using which Google Applications:
* In Picasa, which button will help you achieve a good result quickly without doing too much work:
* Why you want to use smaller image files for your website?
* When using Gmail, where can you receive e-mail message of your Google account:
* If you click ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ to try Picasa’s automatic correcting option. Picasa will automatic correct
* If you want to share information and news within a club, school, company or just about any group of people, which Google Application should you use:
* When using Gmail, if you want to categorize your e-mail messages in a variety of ways, which tool will you use?
* Using Picasa, you can add special effects to your photo by Click on the A. ‘Fun and useful image processing’ tab
* Which Google service allows you to plan your journey from Pennsylvania to New York?
* Google Earth does not just offer views of the earth, but you can also take a look at the:
* If you want to edit photos and manage web albums , which Google Application should you use:
* When you type 9+5 and press Enter on a Google search, what will be the answer?
* After you finish the text of the document using Google Drive, how can you save the document?
* In Gmail, messages that belong together will automatically be saved together. These group of messages is called :
* Which one is a free web browser application provided by Google
* If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if the search results are too extensive, which Google’s search option you might want to use?
Which of the following is not a correct way to enlarge map on the Google Map?
* To share your own calendar with others, you need to click on?
* If you no longer want to give someone access to your calendar, you can remove it by using :

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RULE: 20 questions in total. A certificate will be issued when anserwing 16 questions correctly.