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Training MaterialsFree Google Applications – en

Free Google Applications – en

Free Google Applications

Free Google Applications Searching the Internet 1
Mail and Surf with Google (I) 2
Mail and Surf with Google (II) 3
Editing and Publishing Texts 4
Publishing Web Pages 5
Videos on the Internet 6
Exploring the World 7
Your Online Calendar 8
Communication (I)
Communication (II)
Picasa Photo Editing and Web Albums (I)
Picasa Photo Editing and Web Albums (II)
Public Materials Quiz

Free Google Applications

* Which Google Applications is a free route planners on the Internet
* Which Google service is a free, advertising-supported email service
* In Gmail, messages that belong together will automatically be saved together. These group of messages is called :
* Which Google Application lets you add a number of specific Google search functions to a separate Internet Explorer toolbar in order to access these functions much quicker
* If you no longer want to give someone access to your calendar, you can remove it by using :
* If you want to correct a red glow in the girl’s eyes on your photo, which Google Application will you use?
* What is not an advantage about Google Drive:
* If you click ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ to try Picasa’s automatic correcting option. Picasa will automatic correct
* Before booking your hotel room online, you can check if it’s really close to the beach that you want to be near to by using which Google Applications:
* When using Gmail, if you want to mark important messages, or messages that need your attention, which tool will you use?
* When using Google Calendar, if you want to make changes on an existing appointment, you need to click on
* When you want to create an attractive website on any possible subject using Google Sites. You can start up your work with
* Which Google service allows you to chat in small groups, or even call each other by phone?
* Which Google services allow you to share and also find fragments of TV shows and movies
* Using Picasa, you can add special effects to your photo by Click on the A. ‘Fun and useful image processing’ tab
* Which one is not a good reason to use an online calendar:
* Which Google service lets you create and customize your own page:
* Which setting will prevent any pornographic websites from being displayed on your search results:
* After you finish the text of the document using Google Drive, how can you save the document?
* If you want to publish a diary or travel journal , which Google Application should you use:

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RULE: 20 questions in total. A certificate will be issued when anserwing 16 questions correctly.