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Internet and e-Commerce

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Course Objectives
  • Understand the basic concepts of e-commercel
  • e-commerce for SMEs
Introduction to e-Commerce 01-01
e-Commerce practice 01-02, 01-03
Business Applications on e-Commerce 01-04
Web 2.0 and Social Network Management
  • Understand the concept of Web 2.0
  • Understand the social network for business and commercial use
Web 2.0 02-01, 02-02
Social Networking 02-03
Business Applications on Social Networking 02-04
Mobile Commerce
  • Understand the basic concept of mobile commerce
  • SMEs and the mobile commerce
Introduction to m-Commerce 03-01
Mobile Applications 03-02
Cloud Computing
  • Understand the basic concepts of cloud computing
  • Cloud services applications for SMEs
  • Case Studies of cloud computing for SMEs
Introduction to the Cloud Services 04-01
Case on Cloud Services 04-02 04-03
Internet Marketing
  • How SMEs apply on Internet marketing products and services
Internet Marketing 05-01, 05-02
Business Transformation
  • The e-business transformation case studies
e-Business Transformation 06-01, 06-02, 06-03
Enterprise Applications
  • Introduce enterprise systems: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Business Applications:ERP 07-01
Business Applications:CRM 07-02
  • Building and Planning of the e-Government and IT infrastructure
e-Government 08-01
Smart City 08-02
The Digital Divide
  • How to reduce the digital divide and create digital opportunities for the disadvantaged sector of the population
Digital Opportunity 09-01
Operation of the DOC 09-02

Total hours

12 hrs

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