Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund sponsors hand surgeries

By Quoc Hung in HCMC

Doctor Stephane Guero (R) and Lawrence S. Ting Foundation director Quentin Dumas (L) pose for a photo with children who will get surgeries today at FV Hospital – Photo: Quoc Hung

The Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund, founded by FV Hospital and Thanh Nien News Group, will sponsor hand surgery for eight children who have congenital malformation or conditions resulting from accidents. Most of these cases are from needy families in Ben Tre and were selected by FV Hospital doctors in 2008. Some cases will need more than one operation with leading doctors and appropriate follow ups with a physiotherapist for a full recovery.

Vị trí đặt quảng cáoSurgeons Stephane Guero and Vu Hoang Lien will provide medical consultations and operations for these children. Guero has more than 20 years of hand surgery experience and is one of the founders of the Hand Surgery French Institute. He is currently working for Necker Pediatric Hospital in Paris. As a stakeholder of FV Hospital Guero comes to Vietnam twice a year to treat difficult cases and give some of his time to the children.

Thanks to the Lawrence S. Ting Foundation and Vietcombank, US$20,000 has been raised for Guero to operate on as many kids as possible. FV Hospital discounts 10% on the surgeries and provides free consultation with world class doctors, free transportation from their home to the hospital, free accommodation for parents and free meals.

The Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund has supported more than VND1.2 billion for surgeries for children born with congenital malformation or suffering from accidents. The children come from all over Vietnam.

The target of the Fund is to change the destiny of poor children in Vietnam. After being referred with a brief diagnosis by a local doctor, an orphanage or a relevant association, the children have to pass a medical test to confirm their health is good enough to undergo the operation.

“The Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund, together with other charitable organizations, corporations and kind-hearted individuals, would like to contribute to the path of making a better future for underprivileged children in Vietnam,” said fund director Quentin Dumas.

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