Activity Summary

This activity will consist of asking trainees and the general public to participate in an experience sharing activity, by writing down the way you feel about the ADOC project. The topic of the articles will be related to the following:

(1)   How ADOC project improve the life of disadvantage groups such as children,
women and disables around you.

(2)   How you are going to put what you have learned in class into practice.

(3)   How ICT and the ADOC Centers impact on social developments at a local community. 

Participants should choose one of the three topics as your article topic. ADOC Centers shall promote the activity with their trainees.

Participants shall submit one (1) article more than 300 words (either in English or in their native language) with at least 2 pictures related to the contest’s topic. Before the submission deadline, people who want to participate in the contest will have to post their articles on ADOC website http://www.apecdoc.org/site/wc2012/contest/, each PME local manager will have to evaluate the articles and choose 3 articles which he/she meet the winning criteria, the writer of the articles will be awarded USD100 (if the article is written in another native language chosen, it should be translated into English by local manager). The articles which are chosen by local managers will be judged by ADOC Secretariat members. From October 21 to October 31, trainees and general public can go to our forum to have a vote in electing the best article of 30 articles from 10 PMEs. On-line voting will account for 50% and the remaining 50% will be based on the qualification given by the activity panels (please refer to the following table). The participants who stand out at the final stage will be awarded by ASUS products (First prize: Zenbook, second prize: Eee Pad Transformer, third prize: ASUS Eee PC, if the winner’s resident area does not have the supply of the above products, ADOC reserves the right to provide other ASUS products which are equal to the value of the above products as a substitute).


Contest Rule Download

ADOC Writing Contest (Simplified Version)

ADOC Creative Writing Contest