1. Activity Summary

This activity invites trainees and the general public to participate in an experience sharing activity, by writing down how you feel about the ADOC project. The topic of the articles will be related to the topics as follows:

(1)   How ADOC project improve the life of disadvantage groups such as children, women and disables around you.

(2)   How you are going to put what you have learned in class into practice.

(3)   How ICT and the ADOC Centers impact on social developments at a local community.

Participants should choose one of the three topics as your article topic. ADOC Centers shall promote the activity with their trainees.

All the participants are required to fill all the information in the online “Participant Registration Form”; read and agree to “Article Originality Declaration & Waiver/Consent Form”. After filling out this forms, each participant shall submit a 1000~1500 words article in English with at least 3 pictures related to the contest’s topic. Before the submission deadline, people who want to participate in the contest will have to post their articles on ADOC website http://www.apecdoc.org/site/wc2014/. Everyone, who is interested in this activity will have one vote for choosing the most favorite article on above site. From July 17th to July 31st, voters will choose the top 20 articles on-line. From August 1st to August 15th, the top 20 articles will be judged by ADOC Secretariat. After judgment, ADOC Secretariat will select one of the top 20 articles as a champion and the writer of the highest-scored article will be awarded USD 300. Contest result will be announced on ADOC website on 16th August and prize will issue during two weeks from August 18th to August 31st.

2. Important Dates

Activity Phase Date
Activity information release and promotion May 1st – May 31st, 2014
Submission Period(post articles on our website) Sep 16st – Sep 30th, 2014
Submission deadline Sep 30th, 2014
On-line voting and ADOC Oct 1th – Oct 15st, 2014
Secretariat Evaluation Period Oct 1st – Oct 15th, 2014
Prizeissuing Oct 16th – Oct 31st, 2014


The primary objective of this activity is to ask ADOC members around the world to share their experiences of what they see, what they feel about the ICT progress, so that we can raise awareness of the importance of bridging the digital divide and try to find solutions in the future.

The second objective is to let everyone know contribution of ADOC in past ten years. While people are attracted by promotion of writing contest including printed announcement posted by local coordinator and on-line banner, they will browse on ADOC website, so that they will know how much ADOC have done in the past ten years in one hand; on the other hand those visitors will increase visits of ADOC website.