Since the emergence of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), the Digital Divide has become one of the top issues around the world. International organizations, NGOs and Governments strive to bring the benefit of ICT to general public through different projects and programs. The APEC Digital Opportunity Center (ADOC) began as an initiative from Chinese Taipei during the 2003 APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting, cooperating with dedicated partners from around the APEC members, ADOC has received much support and help throughout the years. As of today, ADOC has already trained more than 460,000 people at 101 ADOC Training Centers in 10 Partner Member Economics across 3 continents.

ADOC Secretariat and our ADOC Partners have been working together for the past several years in developing new approaches to study, practicing and applying new applications of bridging the digital divide. By bringing different partners and experts, we are able to view and analyze pressing challenges in these topics. We share a common view that we already possess the knowledge and technologies to do so. However, our experiences have also found that our work in practice still faces numerous and multi-faceted challenges.

Challenges include:

• How to devise appropriate technical solutions;

• Designing feasible operational model – proof of concept (PoC), proof of service (PoS), and proof of business (PoB);

• Maintenance and sustainability;

• Innovation adoption and conveying values to the end-users; and

• Implementation, distribution and scaling.

To overcome these challenges, the ADOC Secretariat was held an international workshop in Chinese Taipei every year since 2006. Through collective discussion, brainstorming and debate, our intention for the ADOC workshop 2013 is to arrive at an actionable conclusion regarding each topic. Specifically, our hope is to integrate various experiences and viewpoints so as to generate practical suggestions and figure out the future of bridging the digital divide project.

The August 15th workshop is a closed-door meeting joined by invited “influentials” and “practitioners” from Chinese Taipei and the ADOC Partner Member Economics (PME) who are involved in the area of bridging digital divide. Themes to be covered include:

•   The Path Toward to an Inclusive, Sustainable, and Balanced Digital Community.

•  International Bridging Digital Divide Project and Public-Private Partnership.

•  Government Policy: from Bridging Digital Divide to Digital Inclusion.

In the end of the first day workshop, all of our guests will be invited to visit a famous landmark “Taipei 101”, which was the highest building around the world from 2004 to 2010.

As scheduled, there will be two parallel sessions on August 16th. The guests will be divided into two groups. The first group would be participated by representatives from the public sectors, discussing bridging digital divide policy. The other group would be joined by those from the ADOC partners and collaborators to share their own practical experiences in ADOCs. We expect to generate new ideas for the future of ADOC.

On August 17th, all the invited guests from the PMEs will visit Hsin-Pu, the Hsin-Chu Science Park, and the World EXPO Taiwan Pavilion: Hsin-Pu demonstrates how ICT can help revitalize the local industry and economy; as for the World EXPO Taiwan Pavlion, which had attracted many visitors at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, it not only highlights Taiwan’s cutting-edge technology, but also showcases some of Taiwan’s best natural and cultural attractions.