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ZOTO Disaster Risk Reduction Project Staff/ Purchase Officer

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I am Arnel Lacea, 23 years old, son of Mr. Felipe Lacea and Verginia Lacea, third in a brood of five.  I was a former student of ZOTO’s Computer Literacy Program.

I am a college undergraduate from the Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology.  For lack of financial resources, I was forced to stop schooling. I tried looking for a job in the hope of financing my studies.  But now a days, it is imperative that one is computer literate before any company will hire you.  Since I was not knowledgeable about computers, I ended up jobless and frustrated.

Disaster Risk
Disaster Risk

I realized that if I want to have a decent job, it is a must that I study computer, even the basics given in short courses. Luckily, at that time, ZOTO was offering a Computer Literacy Training for only one months.  The course was for free and the computer laboratory was very near our place.

Without wasting anytime, I grabbed the opportunity to learn.  Together with a friend of mine, we inquired about it and immediately signed up excited to start my lessons. I was really happy about it and vowed to do good.

I was accepted and after I finished the short course, one of the members of ZOTO asked me if I was willing to do volunteer work for the organization specifically for the Community Clinic.  I immediately accepted, I was thrilled because not only will I put my new found skills to use but I will also be able to learn and experience a new type of work.  I volunteered for one year and became the Finance Officer of the Community Clinic.

I was able to apply my expertise in CALC.  It was the main program that we use to record the clinic finances. I was really happy volunteering and my experiences helped me not only in my day to day work but also in my personal life.

Today, I am a ZOTO staff working under the Disaster Risk Reduction Project as a purchase officer.  I earn Php 12,000.00 a month with benefits.  With the project, I am still using my computer skills and I still do volunteer work for the Community Clinic.  My life has never been this fulfilling.  If before I am just a bum waiting for whatever comes my way, now, I take full reigns for my life.  I am not only able to help myself but my family as well.

For my life changing experience, for all that has happened, I am very grateful to ZOTO and to the Computer Literacy Program after all it was where everything started.