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Kaskus ODP for Blackberry Devices Downloaded 30.000 Times

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VIVAnews – On November 2009 , Kaskus Forum, the largest online discussion forum in Indonesia, introduced the Kaskus On Device Portal (ODP)  for BlackBerry users. Since then, Kaskus reported the application has been downloaded 30,000 times.

Kaskus ODP
Kaskus ODP

Kaskus On Device Portal (ODP) , which is a second generation of WAP , is an application portal that is specifically designed to access the Forums of certain operating systems, not just an application launcher or shortcut.

Until recently, New Kaskus ODP provides for two operating systems, namely OS BlackBerry for BlackBerry devices, and for all Symbian OS-based mobile phone.

Compared to the BlackBerry OS, Chief Technology Officer Kaskus, Andrew Darwis said that the zest of kaskus ODP for Symbian OS is much greater.

“I think because the user base is also much bigger than a BlackBerry user. Perhaps if the BlackBerry user only limited to middle to upper segment (AB), while the Symbian OS-based mobile user segment starting from top to bottom (AC),” he explained.

This was indicated by the reported download records Forums, where ODP Forums for Symbian OS directly downloaded 5000 times in one day alone, compared to BlackBerry’s 30,000 times in five months, since November 2009.

“Later this month, Kaskus ODP  will also be available for the iPhone ” said Andrew, when interviewed by VIVAnews in Jakarta, yesterday, Thursday, April 15, 2010.

However, the administrator of this forum Kaskus admit, the second release of ODP who are still in the development stage. “There are still many deficiencies that must be. But, we continue to fix it. Later ODP our developer partners, Better-B, also were busy. As a result, many projects are delayed. Still need adjustment,” he said.

Later, when the ODP Kaskus is already available for the three major OS, including Symbian, BlackBerry, and iPhone, Andrew plans to more aggressively promoted. “When everything was go live, our new campaign as we develop its features,” said Andrew.