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The granting of lease queried the property – APEC DOC

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A tenant can ask for a range of important questions to be addressed during a lease application and if any of these questions are not properly answered, then there is every chance that the tenant may get an inaccurate impression of the property and may even end up not getting the home that they really want. The first question that must be answered accurately is the name of the landlord. It is very essential that the name of the landlord is accurate because it is a vital factor for the tenant’s due diligence. You will be able to get the address of the landlord from the tenant’s rental application or the sales contract.

queried the property
queried the property

There are certain legal formalities that have to be fulfilled in the giving of the consent for the tenancy. Firstly, the tenant should state whether or not they are giving their consent on behalf of their relative or friend. If their relative or friend is the one who is actually giving the consent then there is no need for the tenant to give his/her consent. Another point to be noted here is the fact that the tenant will have to sign the Lease and Tenancy Agreement form. Giving a false signature on this document is considered as grounds for the tenant to vacate the property.


The next question that has to be answered accurately is the tenure of the lease. The actual term of a lease will vary depending on the place that you are renting your property. The actual duration of a lease will be mentioned in the agreement that you sign with the property owner. So, taking this into consideration, it is advisable that you do not give a short term tenancy to your tenant. In the case of a short term lease, the tenant might go back to his/her original place after some time. This will also affect the credit score of the tenant.


The leasing agent is the person who is legally authorized to carry out all the responsibilities and obligations of a tenant. The tenant must be aware of all these obligations and should take care of them. In order to protect himself from any sort of fraud by the property owner or by the leasing agent, a tenant should ask all the relevant questions before signing the agreement. He/she should get a copy of the agreement after getting it through legal channel. The tenant should check all the clauses to know about all the expenses and payments that would be made by the property owner/landlord.


A tenant should have a written agreement with the property owner or the landlord that clearly states the responsibilities of both parties. There are certain documents that need to be produced by both the landlord and the tenant before granting them the permission to rent the property. These documents include the lease deed, security deposit, first month’s rent payment agreement, a second month’s rent payment agreement, monthly rent amount, statutory notice, and the statutory Rent Order. Information on how one can reclaim money from the leasing agent is also mentioned in the document along with instructions on how to get in touch with him or her if there is some problem.


Once a tenant gets all the documents related to the agreement, he/she should go through every clause very carefully to see what exactly is there. If the tenant finds something that is not in the agreement or is not clear to him/her, the tenant should take a hold of his/her solicitor and go through those points with him/her. If a tenant is not satisfied with the document that has been agreed upon by the landlord and tenant, then he/she should again ask the tenant to go through the document carefully so that he/she would understand all the clauses mentioned in it. Once the tenant and landlord have fully understood the document, they should sign it and the process of granting a lease to the tenant should begin. All the documents mentioned in the lease should be in accordance with the local rental laws.