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ASEAN Cyber University project launched in Vietnam

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Officials from South Korea and Asian nations, including Vietnam, recently met in Hanoi to launch the ASEAN Cyber University project.

The gathering, held on March 22, drew the participation of members of the project’s steering committee. Participants included officials from the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training, officials from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and South Korea, as well representatives of the academies and universities under the ASEAN educational network.ASEAN Cyber University project was first proposed at the ASEAN – South Korea Summit in 2009. The project is expected to help establish a foundation for sharing experiences, knowledge, and skills in higher education and long-distance education among ASEAN countries and South Korea.

ASEAN Cyber University
ASEAN Cyber University

Having been piloted in South Korean since 2010, the project will help set up e-learning centres in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam in May 2012.

A main operating centre or hub-centre will be built at the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi in order to regulate other centres in the three other participating countries.

South Korea will act as the project’s co-ordinator and gradually transfer its advanced technology on long-distance education and developmental strategies to ASEAN member countries.

Quach Tuan Ngoc, Director of the Ministry of Education and Training’s Department of Technology and Information said, “As the project is in its first stage, a lot of matters are still under discussion, such as educational programme, credit exchange, regulations, mode of enrolment, and tuition fees. However, we can be sure that e-learning will help students save time and money because they can study at home and get a good education, instead of having to rush to big cities”.