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The Children as young as 8 labouring in rice fields

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Most parents think it is impossible to find jobs for their children who are just out of school. It seems that such jobs in the rural areas of China, where children as young as 8 labor in rice fields do not exist. There has been a sudden growth in the number of companies who recruit working children. These companies usually have a recruitment service for small children who are between the ages of eight and fourteen. They have come to realize that these children can be a valuable part of the business.


Many parents want to send their children to kindergarten when they get back from school. However, most schools do not allow this and some will refuse to accept children as young as eight working in such conditions. Parents often feel very disappointed and guilty about their situation.

labouring in rice fields
labouring in rice fields

However, there are many jobs available for children as young as eight who are willing to work in rice fields. If your children are still eager to go to school, you should try to find them a job in a nursery or even at an orphanage. Such children will often be taught by their parents but they will be supervised by experienced teachers. They will be able to earn money even if they have no experience.


Some children will take small jobs as adults. Such children are not likely to be sent away to a kindergarten even if they want to. Such children may start off with washing vegetables in the morning before they go to kindergarten. If such children to continue with their small jobs after kindergarten, then they will be given more sophisticated work such as helping in the kitchen. This kind of work will often continue into the evening.


You will have to be very wary about the conditions of the laboring children you employ. They will most likely be poorly paid and might not be given a lunch break. If the children become sick during the day, then they will not get paid for that time. The worst conditions of work for children are those where the children can get injured by falling from a ladder or where the children are forced to perform physical labor.


If you are planning to employ children as young as eight to work in your rice farm, you should take special care to ensure that they are well taken care of. Paying attention to the physical and mental welfare of the child is very important. When children become exhausted and lazy, it can be difficult to keep them working in the rice field.